Outland at Glasgow Film Theatre

Outland 1981
A rare screening of this tense and often overlooked sci-fi thriller from 1981 gets an outing at GFT, Glasgow on Fri 22 January 2016, 23.00.

It has possibly my favourite Sean film tagline, ‘On Jupiter’s Moon he is the only law‘ and is commonly referred to as ‘High Moon‘ | Read Roxanne Benjamin’s great article on this.

Sean Connery and Ken Ingles, GFT Director, pictured on the 1987 programme cover

Edinburgh’s most famous export, Sean Connery, with Glasgow Film Theatre director Ken Ingles, pictured on the October 1987 programme cover.

The Scottish Film Council’s redevelopment of the Cosmo Cinema as the Glasgow Film Theatre brought additional public sector funding. Financial stability enabled the GFT to continue to promote film culture in Glasgow by bringing to the city foreign language and art house films which would not be screened in commercial cinemas.

In 1987, a fund-raising campaign was launched to raise £425,000 to further develop the cinema by adding a second screen. Sean Connery gave his support. The campaign was successful, and a second cinema opened in 1988 in time for the GFT to play a major role in Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture 1990.

– Reproduced from The Glasgow Story website


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