Rare Footage of Sean presenting BAFTAs in 1976

As part of the countdown to this year’s awards, BAFTA have been running 100 BAFTA moments, unearthing rare footage and photography from its prominent award winners.

Today’s feature is Sean presenting Al Pacino and Ellen Burstyn with Best Actor and Best Actress awards in 1976, or as Sean refers to them, “Actor/Actress of the year”. Sean’s looking great and is on fine form breezing through the formalities. Can’t say the same about Al.

I’ve posted it a few times on the blog but another BAFTA moment was Sean’s emotional acceptance speech for his Lifetime Achievement in 1998. Gets me every time.

If you want to see Sean bent over laughing at Billy Connolly presenting him the award – go to the second video (not great quality, I’m afraid).

View the full list of 100 moments here


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