Ever to Excel screening in Edinburgh

Okay so I’m a bit miffed. St Andrews finally announced that the Edinburgh screening of Ever to Excel will be at the Dominion Cinema, I think the Dominion’s great but too small for this – still, I can overcome that. What I can’t get over is the £50 admission charge to see the film. Straight away I will fully acknowledge that the 600th anniversary celebrations are to raise money for St Andrews BUT I think it’s highly elitist to have screenings solely for staff and students of the university and then no public screening at all. St Andrews seem surprised that 1,300 staff and students have requested tickets for the Ever to Excel screening in the St Andrews New Picture House and have put on another screening.

This is most probably going to be Sean’s last ever film and they’ve restricted its viewing to ‘cultivation’ events. I think it’s very short sighted not to do a public screening (which people are going to pay into) that’s only going to benefit St Andrews’ publicity and fundraising. Also I would have thought that the Edinburgh International Film Festival would be involved in this in light of Sean’s lengthy patronage but see no signs anything happening.

On a brighter note – here’s Sean at the Ever to Excel premiere in New York with Principal Professor, Louise Richardson and Director, Murray Grigor.

Articles on Sean coming out of retirement:

Edinburgh Evening News here

Scottish Daily Record here (seems fairly positive until you get to the last few paragraphs where they stick the knife in and twist it. He’s 81 – he’s every right to believe/support/fund/do whatever the hell he likes and yes FROM THE BAHAMAS – it’s getting boring that no-one even bothers to think up fresh slagging material)


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