Sean at the Oscarsh

If you ever needed anymore evidence of just how much of a joke the Oscars are – here’s Sean’s ONLY nomination and (therefore) ONLY win for Best SUPPORTING Actor.

Annoyingly Oscar has disabled embedding so you’ll have to go to the effort of clicking and watching the videos in a different tab.


Also Catherine Zeta-Jones’ speech is painfully cringey but this video’s worth a gander for three reasons:
1. Sean’s frilled cravat
2. The way he says “About Schmidt”
3. “Catherine”


Awk sure, let’s go for a hat trick…

Sean looking great presenting the Best Picture award in 1998


I can’t seem to find a clip online of Sean’s Opening Oscars speech – for now it lives on a much-loved VHS, someday I’ll digitise them all but I’m putting it off until I have to.


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