Nobody does Movember like Sean

As Movember draws to an end I’ve compiled my top 10 favourite facial fuzzes from the big man

10. Early designer stubble in Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure

 9. The standard 90’s short boxed beard in The Hunt for Red October

8. Military efficiency in A Bridge Too Far

7. The 90’s smig from Just Cause

6. Rough around the edges in Robin and Marian

5. The wig, sideburns, handlebar and chest hair – so much testosterone, so little dignity in Zardoz

4. Sean’s handlebar and chin puff were at the bottom of the ridiculous list in Highlander

3.  Competiting with Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express

2. The Magnificent moustache – Sean shows off his Franz Josef in The Man Who Would Be King

1. Imperial style as a bearded Berber in The Wind in the Lion

BUT WAIT! What about that time Sean went more mental than Zardoz?!

If you haven’t had the pleasure – watch this video of Sean’s disembodied bronzed plastic head summon his body, be reattached to the rest of his glistening chest-revealing armoured form and threaten a man with a Bette Midler haircut to grow a beard. Seriously.


Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (if it’s on IMDB it’s gotta be fact, right?!) didn’t make the grade because as bonkers as his beard looks, there’s no way that’s Sean’s real hair.

If you need to thoroughly quench your hair thirst then check out this beard chart and one man’s quest to attain them all.

You can read more about Movember and the power of the moustache in raising awareness and funds for men’s health at


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