Top 10 Commercials

Connery has pretty much escaped mainstream endorsement in the UK and US for most of his career but luckily, Japan can coax the sell-out in pretty much anyone.

Here are my top 10 favourite ads. The deciding factors were obscurity, humour, performance and above all, entertainment.

10. Mazda

Reason: Sean’s awkward driving and the fact that Madza’s tagline was ‘For Mobility Pleasure’


9. Citroen

Reason: It’s going just about all right until the cringe-inducing CGI at the end


8. RAS Financial Services

Reason: It’s self-deprecating, has really awkward dubbing and he asks for sugar with his tea when in actual fact, he has it with milk, no sugar.


7. Dewars

Reason: Connery received criticism for his Japanese whiskey endorsement in the 1990s (more of that to come) as whiskey is one of Scotland’s main exports, it was seen to conflict with his nationalistic beliefs.


6. Teekanne

Reason: He looks great, it has an Entrapment feel and a very elaborate set for….tea.


5. Regno

Reason: These ads raise so many questions; why is he so sweaty? Why is the Chariots of Fire theme playing as Connery tries to pass an old man undramatically? Why are they dressed like that and why is the Dulux dog in a Japanese tyre commercial?


4. Ito

Reason: The conviction with which he says “the real thing” about….ham


3, 2.5 & 2. Suntory

Reason: He looks like an embarrassing relative dancing on his own at a party (although obviously much more attractive than your average pervy uncle). In case you didn’t know, he moves so well because he took dance lessons for 12 years.


Reason: Suntory features so many times because it inspired Lost in Translation, his facial expressions are fantastic and he’s made to look like an alcoholic. I also think they should all be seen.



1. Yoghurt

Reason: Sean Connery is talking to a singing rabbit.


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