Sean Connery to be celebrated in Edinburgh

The subject of celebrating (or lack thereof) Sean Connery in Edinburgh is something I feel passionately about. The main motive behind this blog was to provide interesting links and stories as well as my own interactions and opinions relating to Sean.  This blog is only the start of things to come. I had decided to announce my plans to REALLY celebrate Sean Connery in his home city at a later stage but an announcement by the Scotsman today has given me renewed hope that something else will be done for Scotland’s famous son.

A CELEBRATION of the life and work of film legend Sir Sean Connery would be created outside the site of the former Edinburgh housing estate that he grow up in, under plans unveiled today.

It is hoped the plan to create a new Sir Sean “destination” could see visitors flocking to the site from around the world to capture a bit of the history of one of the UK’s best-known actors.

I think this is fantastic news and hope that some of these ideas will come to fruition. If the plans to develop a Sean Connery Filmhouse in Festival Square have taught us anything, it’s that these things take time and a lot of money. When these images were released I thought – FINALLY!… 7 years later, we still only have these images.


I will announce more details on my plans soon but can say that the celebrations will take place around the 25th anniversary of his honouring as Freeman of the City and his 85th birthday.


As it stands, if you admire Connery and come to his home city, you can visit a plaque commemorating where the star grew up (176 Fountainbridge, Connery’s birthplace was demolished in the 60s).

I took some photos of the unveiling ceremony in June last year which you can have a look at here and I will post a transcript of his speech shortly.

It’s high time Edinburgh developed something better than a plaque for Sean, Scots and tourists alike.

Watch this space.


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