Birthday plans

I know the blog has been a dive of inactivity recently but with August looming and bringing with it a special celebration, plans are already afoot for an 81st birthday party to remember.

The usual format for celebrating Sean’s birthdays are persuading my reluctant friends to spend the day/night humoring me by
– watching Sean films & clips of interviews – strange ads – rare footage
– eating foods we think he would like (when I was younger a bag of Scots Clan was obligatory, as well as Carr’s Water Biscuits for some reason)
– participating in a quiz with  life – films – picture & ‘what happens next?’ rounds
– singing ‘Happy Birthday’ avec cake

I stopped sending him birthday cards a long time ago but have celebrated his birthday “with” him twice. The first time was in 2006 when he was awarded the BAFTA Scotland award for Outstanding Achievement in Cineword where we watched his sole directorial outing – The Bowler and the Bunnet before his interview with then EIFF Director, Shane Danielson.

The second was in 2008 for the release of his book Being A Scot at his Edinburgh International Book Festival event. I’ll be putting up posts on these events soon.

Judging by the team who won last year’s Sean Connery birthday quiz – my begrudging friends are in for another night of delights this August 25th…


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