Opening Gala of EIFF 10

Last June I attended the Opening Gala of the Edinburgh International Film Festival at the Festival Theatre. I had heard that 2010 would be Sean’s last official year as an active patron of the Film Festival so I knew my time was running out to easily see him again. Terribly excited, I arrived at the Festival Theatre four hours before Sylvain Chomet‘s The Illusionist was due for its red carpet premiere.

I got myself a good spot and waited for Big Tam to arrive. Clad in tartan trousers and a golf blazer, he took his time to greet fans and sign items before making his way into the theatre.

(that’s me at the end there looking a tad excited)

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I also managed to get my mug into a few videos of the event. Check out my delight @ 0.33


If that wasn’t enough Sean for one evening, I managed to catch him dancing outside the Teviot after leaving the festival’s Opening Party.

I was enjoying it all too much to remember to record it but I’m glad someone did!


Sean Connery dancing his socks off at the EIFF 10 Opening Party

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