Sean gets teary with Audrey Hepburn, France 1987

Not many people associate Sean Connery with sentimentality or being in anyway soft but he is, big time. He’s also a total hard-ass because, hey – he’s human. Until recently him getting choked up at the end of his BAFTA Fellowship speech would be at the top of my emotional list. Having to gather yourself in front of a … More Sean gets teary with Audrey Hepburn, France 1987

Of Course You Are

Had a nice wee notification from YouTube that editing together the four times Sean Connery says, ‘Of course you are’ in films has had 10,000 views. I don’t think there are enough Sean compilation videos about so will be putting some together soon. The Christopher Walken dance compilation has raised the bar recently and seen as … More Of Course You Are


I’ve been travelling SE Asia and Australia since the beginning of the year so apologies for the post drought. It’s just two months until the Indy Ref and I still haven’t heard back from Alex on my campaign tweak…

Cameo Bar Turns 50

The beautiful Cameo Cinema’s bar was opened by Sean Connery 50 years ago today; 19 December 1963. This made the Cameo Scotland’s first licensed cinema and its uniqueness was proudly boasted in the newspaper advertisement below. The Cameo’s my favourite cinema (and Quentin Tarantino’s) and last month my boyfriend proposed in Screen 3. He edited … More Cameo Bar Turns 50

Hitchcock doesn’t recognise Connery at awards ceremony

One of my favourite ‘rare’ gems is this clip from Hitchcock’s AFI Lifetime Achievement Award (1979).  Tippi Hedren introduces Sean (from 3.20) and as he receives a lengthy applause, the camera cuts to Hitchcock looking puzzled and leaning into a tangoed Cary Grant asking “Who’s he?!”. They probably would have edited it out if it wasn’t … More Hitchcock doesn’t recognise Connery at awards ceremony

Words with Willie

Had a nice wee chat with William McIlvanney after his event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday. I told him I was a big Connery fan and that I really enjoyed his initial chapters on ‘Almost a Book About Sean Connery‘ which he’s posted on his website. He seemed chuffed I brought it up and said … More Words with Willie